EnterpriseOne ERP

EnterpriseOne® ERP

A complete solution for planning, management and control of your company

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

‘A method for the effective planning and control of all resources needed to take, make, ship and account for customer orders in a manufacturing, distribution, or service company.’
source: APICS® Dictionary, Десето издание, Stock No. 01102,1/02, ISBN: 1-55822-191-3

EnterpriseOne® is a modern ERP solution that meets all requirements and needs for integrated and comprehensive planning, management and control in all manufacturing and business processes at your company. The system is a complete business solution which does not require expensive and complex integrations with other platforms. It comes with various fully integrated modules, such as CRM and business intelligence, as well as corporate communications, all of which can fit the business processes of your company. Analyses in the BI module can be defined and accessed contextually, depending on the specific needs of each user. EnterpriseOne® works equally well both on desktop PCs and touch screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

EnterpriseOne® is All-in-One business software solution, which incorporates full functionality in one unified interface:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • BI
  • POS
  • Unified Communications
  • Mobile
  • Web eCommerce
  • CMS – web presence
  • Apps


EnterpriseOne® is offered on SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, which is much faster and easier to implement and also provides the same level of security and reliability typical of the on-premise edition. This distribution model provides 24x7 access to corporate information from any location connected to the Internet. Another important advantage of EnterpriseOne® SaaS is that it saves you the costs related to servers, server operating systems, databases, network infrastructure and administration.


Unified Version

With SaaS model of EnterpriseOne®, you will always have the latest version of your ERP solution. The same version of EnterpriseOne® is used from the smallest to largest customers - the only difference is in the scalability of the data base.

Openness to External Applications (API)


EnterpriseOne® is one of the first ERP systems with its own interface for application development by third-party developers (API - Application Programming Interface). ERP system can be associated with different applications that complement the basic solution. Associated systems work in real time with EnterpriseOne® on a single server with a common database, storing all your data in the ERP system.

Key Advantages:


  • EnterpriseOne® manages your corporate resources regardless of location;
  • EnterpriseOne® is a new-generation ERP system that is accessible via smartphones, tablets and online;
  • EnterpriseOne® integrates easily with office PBXs, unified communications systems and call centers, effectively embedding voice communications into business processes;
  • EnterpriseOne® has a built-in BI module that displays contextual analytical information in accordance with each individual user's specific needs;
  • EnterpriseOne® can be customized for your specific requirements, becoming a solution that completely meets the needs of your business;
  • EnterpriseOne® is vertically specialized by industries;
  • EnterpriseOne® can optimize material, manufacturing and financial resources at your company.

Benefits of Implementing an ERP System: 


  • improves visibility and traceability of company operations;EnterpriseOne ERP
  • increases employee efficiency;
  • reduces data entry errors;
  • improves internal communication;
  • accelerates the preparation of reports and analysis;
  • improves customer service;
  • reduces delivery delays;
  • optimizes inventory;
  • unifies all business data in one place;
  • improves financial control;
  • improves data security.

What is included in EnterpriseOne®

EnterpriseOne® is a unified, integrated software solution meant for the entire company. In other words, it is not just a simple sum of separate 'modules'. In order for you to learn about the system more thoroughly in terms of functionality, implementation results and usage, below we will break it down into its main building subsystems and applications. 


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


The EnterpriseOne CRM module can help your sales team organize, automate and analyze all business processes related to marketing, sales, customers, prospects, opportunities, service, and customer support. With this subsystem, your managers will be able to monitor sales and marketing activities, participate in task distribution, follow marketing campaign development, and make decisions based on the financial performance of the related departments.

The complete integration of the CRM module with the other elements of EnterpriseOne® gives users quick access to all available customer information: past meetings and phone calls, negotiated prices, submitted quotations, shipped goods, invoiced and overdue payments, etc.



EnterpriseOne Manufacturing combines important advantages for companies in the sector. It has powerful built-in tools for material planning, scheduling, and monitoring production load and capacity.

This subsystem allows you to specify recipes and principal recipes for each manufactured product, and it also facilitates the management of complex manufacturing processes. In addition, it has a capacity planning feature which turns the complex task of planning and continuously updating production schedules into quite an easy and affordable activity. There is also a material planning feature which provides industrial units with the necessary products and materials at the right time and on the right place. Moreover, the subsystem has a unique tool that allows businesses to easily create and cost estimate new products and categories. New product models can be easily configured according to customer requirements, no matter how complex and specific they are. 



EnterpriseOne Logistics manages the movement of commodity and material valuables and connects and coordinates the various logistics activities – customer service, demand projections, inventory management, order processing, transportation, storage, geographical location, etc. The system provides on time the necessary products and materials, monitors the smooth logistics processes in the company based on recipes, technologies, customer and suppliers orders, stock holds, and projected sales. EnterpriseOne Logistics also has a Barcode Control feature which extends the built-in functionality for inventory control and precise execution of customer orders.

Finance modules


EnterpriseOne Finance fully meets the requirements of a modern, well-structured enterprise finance department. The subsystem manages and tracks all incoming and outgoing cash flows. It also facilitates the management of holding structures in a unified database, including the generation of consolidated reports for multiple companies. It features different types of reports and analyses and ensures simplification of the chart of accounts. EnterpriseOne® Finance covers both the financial terms of planning and management and the control over the company activities. It includes the mandatory legislative requirements, as well as the information necessary for the company management. These functionalities are built into the system to enable it to provide the information needed in each department according to its requirements and to serve all needs of both employees and management.

Project Management

Project Management

EnterpriseOne Project Management is integrated with the other modules of EnterpriseOne® ERP, allowing instant access to all the data needed to manage and control a project. At your disposal is information about inventory, supply prices and delivery time, payment terms and delays, scheduled resource workloads, project risks and discussions of their overcoming.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence 

The BI module is a powerful tool for extracting, analyzing and presentating company data in a convenient graphical format. It is integrated into various operational screens of the ERP system, which turns BI into a complete solution, available in all components of EnterpriseOne. The built-in module can accelerate and facilitate your daily assessments of different situations and instantly provides you with real-time information where and when you need it.

ERP Applications



  • Service Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Lease-Out Management



  • Business Model
  • Security

We offer an ERP system which matches the latest technological trends and the business objectives of companies. Our priority is not innovating for innovations' sake, but rather increasing the efficiency of your employees, optimizing their and your time, reducing errors in the working process, having greater accountability, and achieving higher customer satisfaction.