EnterpriseOne ERP

Business benefits from mobile ERP system

EnterpriseOne® is among the first ERP systems in the world optimized for touchscreens. And this is not a mobile ERP application with limited functionality, it is a completely mobile-ready ERP solution offering the full functionality of an enterprise resourse planing system. It meets the latest trends in mobile technologies and unified communications and uses them to improve workflow management. EnterpriseOne ERP has a three-tier touch optimization that transforms tablets from a primarily content consumption tool into a complete device for creation of corporate information. This allows managers and employees not only to update, receive and report completed tasks outside the office but also create offers and contracts on the field.

 field sales solution

ExVan direct sales

ERP.BG offers a solution for mobiles sales called MobileSeller, which is fully integrated with EnterpriseOne. It is a mobile app for Android which turns smartphones or tablets into mobile sale devices that can be used for field sales order processing and can support unlimited products. MobileSeller also has integrated barcode scanner support that allows field sales agents to check if the delivered goods correspond to the orders. The system is very suitable for ExVan direct sales and optimizes the work of field sales agents by saving time and increasing their potential to sell more.

mobile solution for complex product sales

Sale of complex products

EnterpriseOne comes with an integrated Product Configurator which allows you to easily configure highly customized product models. It enables sales teams to quickly make complex offers for multicomponent products and to process orders with 100% accuracy. The optimization for mobile devices allows sales agents to present products in real time and access critical customer and sales information when and where they need it. Also, salespeople can use the software to create or edit offers and contracts while out on the field. Moreover, these documents are recorded immediately and become visible to all authorized users of the ERP system, no matter where they are. The system provides full access to corporate resources from any location connected to the Internet, allowing sales teams to focus on negotiations.

Field-service mobility

Field Service

EnterpriseOne provides real-time visibility of the workload on the service teams and other key staff. The system allows technicians on the field to accept new orders and to make real-time reports on the carried out repairs. They can easily transfer tasks between themselves, and their managers can receive instant information about repair work status.

Mobilty in manufacturing



Being able to access the ERP system from mobile devices offers a lot of advantages for employees involved in manufacturing. It allows them to monitor on their tablet screens vital project information, as well as specific processes in the manufacturing. They can also track in real time the execution of the production stages, the number of manufactured components and other key indicators. The management of the enterprise and any other authorized employee can also access manufacturing process information.

mobile access to business analysis


Senior managers can use their smartphones, tablets or any computer connected to the Internet to leverage all the powerful management functionalities of the ERP system. Anytime and anywhere. This even allows managers to supervise very large enterprises or holdings on the move. They can more easily update, receive and assess the performed tasks from outside the office. Moreover, at any time they have access to information on payments, business analyses, company correspondence, reports and other specific information.