Repair Shop Management in ERP

EnterpriseOne® Repair Shop Management

An integrated solution for planning, tracking and analyzing repair activities


The Repair Shop Management module of EnterpriseOne® allows you to plan, track and analyze repair operations in real time, which in return results in increased efficiency. The rich analytics functionality will let you see the full picture of the revenue and costs related to each repair service.



Mobile solution for Service Managment
With module Repair Shop Management, you get:

  • Visibility over the load on the service teams;
  • Real-time repair tracking;
  • Easy transfer of tasks between the teams;
  • Instant information on the status of each repair job;
  • Mobility;
  • Synchronization with mobile devices.



  • Increases the visibility over the load on resources;
  • Accelerates the process of accepting orders;
  • Provides instant information about the status of each repair job;
  • Accelerates the issuance of offers and invoices;
  • Keeps complete history of all repairs performed on each repair object;
  • Provides statistics on warranty and out-of-warranty repairs;
  • Provides quick access to repair contracts and activities directly from customers’ records;
  • Generates general and detailed reports on accepted and completed repair jobs


Module Repair Shop Management covers a wide range of repair services. With it, your employees can easily issue new warranty cards, accept new orders and report what repairs are completed. Furthermore, managers can see the load on employees, and receptionists can quickly check the status of each repair job and when it is expected to be completed.

Integration with other modules of EnterpriseOne®

Module Repair Shop Management is fully integrated with modules Sales and Accounting, enabling you to quickly make offers and invoices. In addition, your sales specialists have visibility over each client’s entire repair history.

ERP Repair Shop Management chart

The module covers all typical repair activities, with the first one being the issuance of a warranty card or signing a contract. This can be done by an employee at the repair shop or by a salesperson.

The next activity would typically be receiving a complaint or a direct repair request.

Then comes the repair job itself. At this stage, the module can record and report the materials and labor spent on each task.

At the end of the process, if the service is out-of-warranty, an invoice would be issued.

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Service level agreements explicitly define specific scopes in terms of repair objects and deadlines. They settle the conditions under which repair services will be carried out.

The following documents can also act as an SLA:

  • Warranty;
  • Support contract;
  • Service contract. 

An SLA can specify a certain amount of repair services included in the price of a contract.

Repair activities

These are activities for removal of defects, applying materials or other repair services.

Repair activities are connected to the Sales module of EnterpriseOne® so that invoices can be automatically generated. They can be planned in advance by contractors, customers, dates, etc., and can also activate reminders for the initial appointment.

Service activity

Repair objects

Repair objects are the units to be serviced. For example, when issuing a warranty for 5 pcs. of a product, the module automatically creates 5 different repair objects with individual serial numbers. Consequently, the system tracks all issues, repairs, used materials, etc. of each repair object.

Repair services

Repair services are a pre-defined list of services offered at the repair shop. It is used in reporting on repair activities.

Levels of service

Service levels determine the level of commitment to repair objects. Typically, a maintenance contract includes information about the specific repair object(s) and the level of service. Service levels usually affect the value of a maintenance contract.

Boost your efficiency



By using Repair Shop Management along with the Material Planning module of EnterpriseOne®, you can maintain minimum stocks of spare parts.

In addition, the general calendar of the company will provide information about how busy your employees are and about the available hours for accepting new requests.

Service management-calendar