A powerful tool for extraction, analysis and presentation of corporate data

The Business Intelligence module is meant to turn data from the ERP system into synthesized useful business information and enables you to analyze and track trends in your business. Instantly created inquiries will answer your questions in a convenient graphical form.


Benefits of using the Business Intelligence module:


  • instantly provides real-time information where it is most needed;
  • saves time and money;
  • provides quick answers without assumptions in a user-friendly graphical form;
  • can be used by all employees and make them more efficient;


Real-time information integrated into business processes

EnterpriseOne BI

The Business Intelligence module is integrated into various operational screens of EnterpriseOne®. This makes it a comprehensive solution available in all components of the ERP system. For example, when an employee accesses the information about a particular client, a panel is visualized containing an excerpt from the module with analytical information about this client. This way the BI functionality can be integrated into the business processes of the company much better compared to "external" business analysis solutions. The module can help you more quickly and easily make informed decisions in different situations and instantly provides real-time information where it is most needed.


Access to business information anywhere, anytime

Mobile BI

The Business Intelligence module enables managers to use its full functionality, even when in motion. The user interface is optimized for touchscreens, which makes it extremely easy to use on tablets and smartphones.


mobile business intelligence

Accelerate your business

With the Business Intelligence module, managers have access to the necessary information without needing the assistance of the IT department. They can create reports on their own and insert graphs to them without additional processing in Excel.

No extra costs for implementation and training

The Business Intelligence module is fully integrated into EnterpriseOne® and can be used immediately after purchasing the license. OLAP cubes, which are used to analyze data, are pre-defined and included in the module. Using EnterpriseOne® as a working screen for analysis eliminates the need for additional training.

Guaranteed compatibility of updates

When a company uses a BI tool that is separate from the main ERP system, it is common that many problems arise after updates. Due to the fact that we develop EnterpriseOne® and the Business Intelligence module synchronously, they will always be compatible and clients will always work with their latest versions without worries of problems when updating.

Optimum result with minimum investment

The Business Intelligence module is a fully functional solution for analyzing company data and creating reports and statements. In addition, it is available within the main ERP system, which eliminates the need for additional installation, implementation and training. The preset cubes for analysis provide quick access to relevant information without needing to understand the technology on which they are built.