EnterpriseOne CRM

An integrated solution for customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy intended for the management of the company's relationship with external organizations. CRM Module will help your employees to quickly deal with everyday challenges. With EnterpriseOne® CRM, you can organize, automate and analyze all business processes related to marketing, sales, customers, prospects, opportunities, service and maintenance of existing customers.

Benefits of CRM Module

  • Improves servicing of existing customers
  • Increases the efficiency of the employees
  • Reduces the average time to process a new request
  • Results in increase of loyal customers
  • Keeps track on customers feedback on products used
  • Facilitates traders to meet customers’ expectations
  • Monitors the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Organizes and controls the activities in the marketing department
  • Monitors the complete sales cycle
  • Keeps track on potential customers and deals

Business control and visibility

The module provides an overview of the operation of the sales and marketing department. It allows for distributing tasks and monitoring their implementation. It also controls the course of the marketing campaigns and analyzes the results achieved.

Integration with the other modules in the system

The complete integration with the other modules in the system gives users quick access to all the available information relating to the customer: meetings and phone calls made, prices negotiated, quotations submitted, goods shipped and invoiced and overdue payments, etc.

EnterpriseOne CRM

Comprehensive view on customers and prospects

EnterpriseOne® CRM Module offers complete control and visibility over all prospects and customers in one screen without having to navigate through various menus. The data are displayed in real time and are received from all customer-related modules (Finance, Service, Sales, etc.). Thus traders can see the full history of their relationship with the contractor even while talking to them on the phone and the information displayed will be current and readily available to them.

All potential sales, projects or opportunities can be easily related to the customer or the prospect and their entire cycle of implementation can be tracked.

Each potential deal can be assigned to an unlimited number of activities such as phone calls, meetings, quotations and orders sent, etc. Each activity can be linked to a person responsible for its implementation and the system will remind the relevant person in charge of the task some time before its occurrence. Thus the sales opportunities and tasks are easy to follow and at the same time managed more effectively.

Customer Care

Good communication with customers is vital as it includes both tracking customer complaints and meeting specific requirements.

The unique system for assigning and tracking tasks in the system will help you to see what is happening with each activity associated with the customer. At any moment you can see the status of any customer inquiry or complaint, as well as the person processing it at the same moments.

Having this information, your employees will be able to give specific responses while talking with customers without having to get them through to other departments or employees.

Marketing Campaigns

Through CRM module it is possible to monitor and analyze all the costs associated with the implementation of marketing campaigns in the company. Similar to the costs, it is also possible to track the revenue of each campaign, as well as to make a comparison between revenues and costs in order to calculate the efficiency.