ERP Product configurator

  • Preparing offers and estimating the value of custom-made products takes you precious time?

  • You would like to reply more quickly to specific customer requests?

  • You want to bring new products more quickly to the production line?

  • You are dreaming of automating all operational work on processing customer orders and offering, so you can spend more time on other related processes in the company?

If you recognize these problems as your own, then the Product Configurator of EnterpriseOne ERP will be invaluable to your traders and technologists.

The Product Configurator is a unique tool, particularly useful in manufacturing enterprises in the textile, knitting, printing, and paper industry, as well as all enterprises with ETO (engineering to order) manufacturing. With its help, employees can easily create and estimate the value of new products and categories, responding to market fluctuations within a few days. It allows manufacturing companies to fully implement the requirements of their customers, receiving in advance details about the price and features of products with any degree of complexity.

Benefits of the solution

  • Rapid creation/configuring of new products
  • High automation of the main process: sales people-configurator-technologist-manufacturing
  • Optimized planning and manufacturing of ordered products
  • Shortening the offer-to-order period
  • Quick pricing and offering
  • Easy processing of a large number small-series production orders
  • Flexible execution of orders from small and medium businesses
  • Significantly reduced risk of human error
  • Improved handling of customer orders
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Shortening the time to introduce new products into production

Advantages and opportunities

  • Modeling product ranges of any complexity
  • Easy adjustment of product configurations with a wide range of product-defining features
  • Faster processing of customer orders
  • Reduction of manual labor in product creation and planning of manufacturing
  • Automatic calculation of cost and time for manufacturing configured products
  • Integration with commercial, logistic and financial modules of EnterpriseOne

Shortening the time from offer to order

With the Product Configurator, you can easily configure new product models according to customer requirements. This enables sales teams to quickly make complex offers multi-component products and execute orders with 100% accuracy.


The convenient user interface of the Product Configurator allows you to create flexible models by inputting only the parameters of the device. Thus you can customize products according to customer needs.

Once a client sends you the features of a desired product, it can immediately be incorporated into the production schedule so you can calculate the delivery date and estimated value and price.

Product configuration

Improved communication between the Sales and the Manufacturing Department

Creating products with the Product Configurator minimizes the risk of operational errors. It is closely tied with the production and financial modules of EnterpriseOne and any change in price lists or in the information about the available production capacity is reflected in calculations. Thanks to this, your customers will always receive accurate information.

Automatic creation of manufacturing technologies

With the Product Configurator, you can extremely easily create new products based on predefined questionnaires or finished articles. Configuring product parameters is quick and easy, and you can also add various graphic schemes, statistics and history to products.

EnterpriseOne Product configurator

Once the articles are configured according to customer requirements, the system automatically creates a unique specification and manufacturing technology.

The result is a reduction in the physical work in production planning and ensuring the manufacturing process in creating new products. Moreover, calculations are performed automatically according to current price lists.

If there is repetition of the article, the ERP system allows you to easily make partial amendments of specifications and technological recipes. The whole process customer order-offer-manufacturing-shipment of finished products is easily controlled all the time, and the interface provides information on implementation.

Integration with Module Material Planning

The tight integration of the Product Configurator with the Material Planning module enables users of EnterpriseOne to receive information about possible delivery dates of raw materials within the promised turnaround time of each order, as well as signals for possible delays.

You can track changes in manufacturing technologies directly from the module. The technology is established during product configuration and any changes in parameters are immediately taken into account. This avoids the manual recovery of hundreds of unique features.