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EnterpriseOne® - Unified communications


EnterpriseOne® is among the first Bulgarian ERP systems to include unified communications (UC). UC is a set of technologies that automate and unify human and device communications in a common set of knowledge. They optimize business processes in the company and eliminate the dependence on the physical presence of employees in the office.

EnterpriseOne® has a multitouch interface that allows users to make full use of the solution in tablets and smartphones.


ERP.BG - ERP mobility

Benefits of the solution

  • Store all communication with customers and partners in one place
  • Plan and organize human resources in the company
  • Easily search e-mail
  • VoIP/IP PBX integration
  • Automatically send and receive appointments and tasks to/from mobile devices
  • Easily manage and update employee schedules
  • Quickly transfer appointments and tasks between employees
  • Get notifications for completed tasks reported via mobile device

All customer information gathered in one place

In EnterpriseOne®, each customer has a file with information on communication by email, phone, etc. The entire verbal and written communications between your salespeople and customers will now be available in your ERP system. The information is available to all employees who need it, and greatly facilitates teamwork.

VoIP/IP PBX integration and Click-to-Call

The ability of EnterpriseOne® to integrate with VoIP/IP PBX allows you to collect information from all conversations with customers. It also lets you can call every customer with a single click in the ERP system, and every incoming call automatically opens the file of the customer calling.

Each customer file in the system has a journal that compiles all calls, e-mails and issued documents into a single calendar screen.

ERP and Unified Communications

Email integration

The main benefit of using the e-mail client built into EnterpriseOne® is the ability to save all e-mails exchanged with a counterparty in the file of this company. This gives you quick access to e-mails, convenient search options and a better overview of everything that happens with your partners.

The built-in mail client will enable you to easily send documents to colleagues while guaranteeing information security by taking into account recipients’ access rights.

ERP Email integration

Access the information you need from anywhere

EnterpriseOne® is optimized for mobile devices and supports continuous mobile synchronization, which means you will always have access to the information you need from your tablet or smartphone, wherever you are. Thanks to the synchronization, your employees will be able to receive and report completed tasks while out of the office.
In addition, all departments and employees use a unified calendar in  EnterpriseOne®, so they can easily transfer tasks between each other.
CRM calendar

System Requirements

To use VoIP/IP PBX

  • ASTERISK 1.4 or newer
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM HDD * 1T and processor Intel i5, 2 hard disks in RAID1 (*1T - for recording conversations)
  • Recommended Cisco SPA Series (Small business) for IP phones
  • The protocol between the PBX and the CRM system is http

To use e-mail:

Mail server:

  • Recommended Microsoft Exchange 2010 or newer
  • Supported Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Microsoft Office 365
  • The mail server does not need to be in the same local network as EnterpriseOne Server