Fixed assets management

Module Fixed Assets Management

Module Fixed Assets gives you full control over the management of company assets. With it, you can track fixed assets and do the accounting for transactions with fixed assets, as well as define various valuation models for depreciation, including accounting and tax depreciation schedule.

Key features:

  • Accounting and tax depreciation schedule
  • Various depreciation methods
  • Revaluation, deletion of fixed assets
  • Grouping of fixed assets
  • Acquisition and sale of fixed assets
  • Split up and combine fixed assets
  • Fixed asset preservation
  • Account for repair costs in the historical value of fixed assets
  • Increase or decrease the useful economic life of fixed assets
  • Tracking of fixed assets
  • Link a fixed asset to a materially responsible person

The capabilities of the module include fixed asset reporting, automated acquisition and sale of fixed assets, automated depreciation, and automated display of data about fixed assets in an inventory book.


The module supports free structuring of assets so you can group and manage them and make reports according to your own requirements - by location, product group, product, etc.