Module Intrastat

Intrastat is a system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade of goods between EU members. Intrastat declarations often contain a lot of data that is difficult to manage manually.

Module Intrastat of EnterpriseOne automatically extract data and generates reports for intra-EU arrivals and dispatches of goods. These reports are exported in an e-format compatible with the web application of the NRA. Before submitting a document, you can review and edit it in the module.


Key benefits:

  • Automated data extraction and reporting
  • No more risks of errors in manual entry
  • Less costs for administrative work
  • Higher employee efficiency


How it works ?


Module Intrastat is integrated with the other modules of EnterpriseOne. The required information on products, suppliers and customers directly connected with Intrastat reporting is added to the module during its implementation.

So every time someone enters an invoice for an intra-EU transaction in the system, the module automatically retrieves data to generate an Intrastat declaration.

 Creating the declaration happens with a single click.