VAT Module

Module VAT Reporting


Module VAT Reporting automatically creates VAT logs (Purchases, Sales) and VAT returns - declarations.


The module fetches monthly data from EnterpriseOne® to automatically create all necessary official tax documents in a ready-to-submit form that meet all state requirements.

In addition, with EnterpriseOne®, you can authorize specific employees to create tax documents and to give access to this information only to certain employees.

Here are the main features of the module:

  • Automatic preparation of VAT logs (Purchases, Sales) and VAT returns - declarations
  • VIES returns
  • ICA (intra-community acquisition) protocols
  • Automatic creation of export files for submission to the NRA
  • Entering and usage of nomenclatures for types of transactions, VAT codes of types of documents, etc.
  • Cash accounting mode