Barcode controlling

A built-in functionality to control inventory

Module Barcode Control of EnterpriseOne® expands the system’s built-in functionality for controlling inventory and precise execution of customer orders. It facilitates and optimizes warehouse employees’ work with the ERP system.

Benefits of the solution

  • Increases employees’ efficiency in the warehouse
  • Accelerates the process of receiving shipping goods
  • Reduces errors
  • Triggers an instant audible and visual alarm when there are discrepancies in goods or amounts
  • Ensures that the warehouse module of the system always has accurate data

Warehouse entrance and exit control

The module provides a single point of receipt of warehouse orders, whose execution is controlled by barcode readers. The control covers both revenue and expenditure warehouse operations to ensure up to date information on stocks.

Barcode controlling

The verification process by barcode readers is carried out after products have already been collected and moved to the checking place. An employee opens a special form in the system designed for implementation monitoring. The data in the form is filtered by order number or addressee. Then the product check with a barcode reader begins.

Timely warning

The module can find discrepancies between a scanned item and the documented information about it. It automatically triggers an audible and visual alarm.

If there is an attempt to register an amount which is larger than the actual order, the system displays an error message accompanied by an audible signal. In case the registered amount is lower than the order, the corresponding line turns red so that it gets checked by an employee who can see if this is a mistake or the product is not available.

After verification, the module automatically generates a warehouse receipt for the amount, which is a signal to check out the goods from the warehouse.

 Barcode Control

Facilities at work

To avoid the need to use a keyboard, there is an option for the printed orders to feature a barcode for the document number.

An additional convenience is the option to print out a list of barcodes for different amounts that can be scanned when an order includes several identical items. For example, an employee first scans the barcode of "10x" from the list and then the product itself. The aim is to avoid repeated scanning of products which are the same.


Technical requirements

The module requires a separate space in the warehouse with a computer connected to a barcode reader.