Warehouse management ERP module

An integrated solution for warehouse planning and management


The Warehouse Management Module of EnterpriseOne® supports the daily operation of warehouses, taking care of orders and work monitoring. The module provides accurate, real-time information on inventory and shares it with the other subsystems of the ERP system.

The solution provides a single point for receiving orders for performing warehouse operations, whether these are orders for shipment (from the CRM subsystem) requests for discharge of materials (from the Production subsystem) or orders to transfer to another warehouse (from the supply module). Similarly served are orders to receive purchased goods, logging in production and accepting products from other stores. The module provides a unified methodology  for monitoring the implementation of warehouse orders, including alarms for delays and more.

With the software, you can turn warehouses into a structure of storage locations. Storage locations can be roughly defined sections of the storage space or alternatively they can have a precise hierarchy with the position of each product. Thus, the module can provide navigated deployment and picking up of products from a warehouse. This means the system can direct warehouse workers to specific storage locations when they have to store new products or prepare goods for shipping. There are several methods to do this:

  • Preparation by order - the navigation calculates the most economical route to the warehouse for the preparation of all products, order by order
  • Group preparation by storage locations - the navigation indicates the shortest route for group preparation of several orders simultaneously

The Warehouse Management Module also supports inventory planning, preparation and implementation. Inventory operations can be full or partial - by products or by storage spaces. In addition, the system can print out an inventory sheet which can be filled out by hand and then uploaded to a computer to check for discrepancies.

In order to fully support warehouse operations, EnterpriseOne® comes with integrated support for barcode and RFID readers. This way you can use such devices in all warehouse operations.

Input data for the implementation of warehouse activities can be sent from external systems - automated lines, palmtops, etc. This happens though a universal interface, which you can leverage to set up fully automated reporting of storage operations.

In addition, the system also has built-in reporting features for planned and unplanned scraps. It is reported by reasons and can also be summed and analyzed by reasons.