Production module

ЕnterpriseOne® Production

EnterpriseOne® ERP offers an easier and more intelligent approach to the management of different types of manufacturing, providing an opportunity to support and automate much of the production processes and activities.

Together, the production modules of EnterpriseOne® ERP bring significant advantages to the companies in the sector. The ERP system features powerful tools for material planning, scheduling and monitoring of production capacity load. It also allows for each item to be assigned specific recipes and principal recipes and facilitates the management of complex manufacturing processes.

EnterpriseOne® Production has a capacity planning module which turns the complex task of planning and continuously updating production schedules into quite an easy and affordable activity.
The material planning module provides industrial units with the necessary products and materials at the right time and the right place.

There is also a specific production module to manage the core of manufacturing. It creates production orders, to monitor inputs, are taken into consideration the activities and the resulting end products.
In addition, the modules are integrated with a unique tool that allows businesses to easily create and cost estimate new products and categories. New product models can be easily configured according to customer requirements, no matter how complex and specific they are.

    • Suitable for any type of manufacturing
    • Graphical representation of capacity planning (Gantt chart)
    • Automated warehouse provisioning
    • Fully integrated with other functional units within the company

EnterpriseOne® Production consists of 4 main modules:

  • Recipes - it enables the manufacturer to form the components of each item and the operational steps and supports multiple recipes for a single product type;

  • Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) - it monitors the percentage load of manufacturing resources, the scheduling of production activities, and Gantt charts;

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) - it takes care of production planning and supply;

  • Shop Floor Control (SFC) - it manages the core manufacturing process. In the module, the manufacturer can create production orders, monitor inputs, and make reports about activities (used materials and operations) and production