Project_Managment ERP module

EnterpriseOne® ERP - Project Management

The effective cost control in a project is among the most important activities that have a direct impact on its profitability. With so many variables contributing to the value of the project, the need for a robust integrated system is more than urgent.

Module Project Management is integrated with the other modules of EnterpriseOne®, allowing instant access to all the data needed to manage and control a project. At your disposal is information about inventory, supply prices and delivery time, payment terms and delays, scheduled resource workloads, project risks and discussions of their overcoming.

Project management mobility

Benefits of the solution


    • A precise plan and measuring results against it
    • Risk identification and management
    • Shorter execution deadlines
    • Cost reduction
    • Higher project success rate
    • Control of costs, deadlines and resources within a preset budget
    • Analyzes of discrepancies between budget and implementation
    • Coordination of resources

    Full view of projects on a single screen

    Module Project Management gives you access to the entire information about each project, summarized in one screen. Every project has a map where you can see related activities, their timing and dependencies, and the necessary materials and resources for timely completion of all tasks.

    Project management

    Control over time, money and resources

    The module enables you to control the deadlines of the different stages, as well as the invested materials and labor. In addition, it provides thorough information on the cost of inputs.

    Project management

    Planning and execution

    Alongside planning, the system keeps track on the actual materials and labor spent on each task. Users can make various reports to compare planned and real costs.
    Project management

    Traceability of engaged resources

    The general calendar of the company provides information about the resources engaged in on several projects simultaneously and to the implementation phase. With it, project managers can plan more confidently, taking view of all tasks. In addition, project tasks can be easily transferred from one employee to another.

    Access all information wherever you are

    The opportunity to work via a mobile device gives you the freedom to access project information from anywhere in the world. In addition, there is a task synchronization feature which makes sure that all employees learn about project changes in due time.