E1@ONLINE Hosting

E1@ONLINE Hosting is the primary cloud hosting solution for EnterpriseOne ERP.The hosting service has many advantages and fully complies with international IT security standards and information system reliability.In order to provide the service at such a high level, we partner with a professional data center which takes care of cybersecurity, uninterrupted power and telecommunications, high-quality fire and flood protection, and other disasters. The availability of the service is guaranteed at a level which non-specialized companies cannot achieve.

Advantages of using a professional hosting service vs. own server center

  • Professional data management

E1@ONLINE hosting
  • Greater protection against unauthorized access

  • Higher performance of the ERP system

  • Higher reliability (99.999% service continuity)

  • Better data preservation

  • Cost saving from hardware and system software

  • One care less…


The E1@ONLINE hosting service guarantees the highest level of security for your EnterpriseOne ERP installation. It is administered and monitored around the clock by teams of highly qualified administrators, and all installations are configured for the highest level of security, with constant optimization. The service is administered continuously in all aspects of IT security – databases, online access, EnterpriseOne specific settings, etc. A standalone system administrator or even a team cannot achieve this level of security.

Data Preservation

The professional E1@ONLINE hosting maintains secured alternate servers to take the load if any primary server fails. In this case, the secondary server performs automatic transitioning:

  • Locally in the data center

  • А remote location within Bulgaria
  • Outside Bulgaria


E1@ONLINE includes a three-level data backup: on a separate disk array in the same data center, on a disk array outside the data center but in the same geographical area (located 500 km away from the data center), on a disk array in another geographical area outside the country. This level of reliability protects and preserves company data in case of force majeure conditions affecting the entire geographical area of the data center, such as earthquakes, war, industrial accidents, serious power supply failure, etc.


The level of reliability of an EnterpriseOne installation shows in what time the system will be available, how long does it take to solve access problems, etc.The E1@ONLINE hosting service ensures a level of reliability much higher than a company outside this area of expertise can achieve on its own. The servers undergo preventive and regular maintenance and their performance is continuously monitored. This allows issues to be prevented based on early indications.For instance, regardless of the dynamic load of EnterpriseOne, E1@ONLINE quickly provides the necessary resources required by the ERP system. Furthermore, in case of change in the system requirements of the software, customers do not have to pay for the upgrade, as it would be in case of their own server center.



E1@ONLINE can ensure a much higher performance speed of the ERP system than an own server can do. This is due to the fact that the hosting service relies on servers of the highest class which would be impractical to be purchased by most companies. Although the technical resources are shared, the service is designed in such a way that each customer receives the maximum operating speed for its volume of data.