Exchange data

EnterpriseOne Exchange

EnterpriseOne Exchange is a B2B system designed to connect different information systems. Exchange transforms into standardized (file) format information about products, customers, sales and many other nomenclatures and documents. Exchange can bind to more than 10 different file formats supported by numerous information systems.

EnterpriseOne Exchange supports a number of relationships between information systems:


EnterpriseOne <-> EnterpriseOne

This relation allows data exchange between individual EnterpriseOne databases, including:

  • Data exchange between related databases on a single spot
  • Data exchange between remote offices and/or shops
  • Customers supply chain data exchange

<-> MobileSeller

This connection is used to transfer data to and from MobileSeller, the field sales solution of ERP.BG


EnterpriseOne <-> ECOD

This connection is used to transfer data from electronic documents stored in ECOD system directly into EnterpriseOne database.


EnterpriseOne <-> Market

This connection is used to transfer data to and from Market, the ERP.BG POS solution.


EnterpriseOne <-> External Systems

There are a number of connections with private file formats, allowing data from EnterpriseOne to "flow" directly into different external information systems.