Mobile Seller

The Field Sales Solution

field sales solution

Mobile Seller is a mobile application for Android, which turns the smartphone or tablet into fully-functioning field sale mobile device, which may be used for ex-van sales, collecting of orders and maintenance unlimited products. Mobile Seller is the perfect solution for employees who need up-to-date information and are constantly on the move

Mobile Seller is appropriate for:

  • ExVan Direct Sales, where the commercial motor vehicle is carrying goods directly to the customer’s address and the stock receipt and/or invoice is issued on the time of delivery.
  • Field Sales Order Processing - orders collection, which will be later on processed by the central office of the trade company

Key advantages:


  • Increase employees efficiency
  • Reducing lead-time
  • Provides up to date prices and discounts for specific client
  • Quick access to information for customers and products regardless of location
  • Back office synchronization - synchronization and data integrity with EnterpriseOne
  • Barcode Control

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Solution capabilities


The program is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Individual activities shall be entered as consecutive steps that must be met in order to complete the whole process. The software allows both the introduction of new documents and generating reports needed by field sales agents during their visits to customers.

  • Issue of sales document types - sales order, cash sales.
  • Add a note (text) to the order

  • Search clients and goods by part of name or identification code (id number)
  • Save special pricelists for different clients
  • Set up promotional prices for period
  • Set up discounts for customers by product groups
  • Set up quantity discounts
  • Save an order as a template for future use

  • Automatic transliteration between Bulgarian and English
  • Print-out documents on a mobile printer
  • Sales invoice
  • Record new payment
  • Full integration with EntepriseOne



The available reports in Mobile Seller provide all the necessary information to field sales agents while they are on the move:

  • Summary sales report
  • Stocks holds
  • Detailed sales report
  • Customer receivables report
  • Customer payment report

Reduce risk of errors


Mobile Seller has integrated support for barcode scanner. The feature is very suitable for ExVan Direct Sales and allows field sales reps to check if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered.

Back Office Synchronization


Sales orders, invoices and payments entered in Mobile Seller is automatically sync with the ERP system. Meanwhile all changes made about customers, products, prices, discounts, etc. in EnterpriseOne will be reflected in Mobile Seller.

Mobile Seller can be downloaded from:

google play