About ERP.BG


EnterpriseOne is an integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) system available for both on-premise and SaaS (software as a service) deployments. It is fully optimized for online and mobile use.

EnterpriseOne is a complete ERP solution that includes comprehensive modules for unified communications and call center services, CRM (customer relationship management), and BI (business intelligence). The system can automate and control all aspects of various business needs – manufacturing, procurement, warehouse management, marketing, sales, human resource management, finance and accounting.

In addition, EnterpriseOne features an API (application programming interface) that allows clients to easily build additional custom functionality and services or implement new business models based on the development of new software applications.


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The ERP system is created by ERP.BG – a Bulgarian developer of business management systems with 19 years of experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of such solutions. Our company has specific experience and numerous completed projects in wholesale and retail, transportation and logistics, the printing industry, the food industry, the textile industry, the construction industry, the business with building materials, etc.

We base our activity on the best traditions of the Bulgarian software industry, well-known around the world for its high quality and reliability. ERP.BG uses all the advantages of the Bulgarian IT ecosystem to develop EnterpriseOne – a complete and innovative business software solution corresponding to the latest trends in IT.


Our mission

Our mission is to make the advantages of ERP systems available to all companies, irrespective of their size, location or sector.

When we develop our products, we always keep the global IT trends in mind, and when we implement these products, we combine them with the specific needs of each client, small or large. We approach each project differently and adjust it to the concrete business specifications of the client.

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans, so that our products are affordable, even within short terms.


ERP.BG employs over 20 highly qualified specialists, including development, implementation, technical support, hotline, and online support teams.

HR development and expansion has always been a major priority in the activity of ERP.BG. We help our specialists enhance their qualifications through trainings and by participating in ERP projects in different segments of the economy with varying levels of complexity.


The relationship between our customers and us does not end with the implementation of an ERP system, it only begins with it. This philosophy is underlying for the development of ERP.BG from the day of its establishment and puts our clients rather in the position of long-term partners. Our solutions develop and expand their functionalities along with the progress of the companies where we have implemented them. We develop together with our customers and they grow together with us.

Thanks to our long-term commitment, today we are happy to have dozens of clients, including ING PIC Bulgaria, the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund, Biofresh Ltd., AG Packaging (NewBags), Hauraton Bulgaria Ltd., Lunatone-bg Ltd., Orchid Development Group Ltd., and others.

Social Responsibility

We believe that a company is established not only to make profit but also to contribute to positive changes in society and the world around us. Our team participates in various activities in support of charitable causes, among which the main focus falls on our long-term policy to partner with Bulgarian universities and aid the development of IT education.