ERP.BG-Managing Team

Ivelin Ivanov – Managing Partner of ERP.BG

Ivelin Ivanov is a Managing Partner at ERP Bulgaria OOD (ERP.BG), where he has worked since 2001 and currently heads the Support department. Before that he was factory unit manager and in charge of manufacturing and administrative software provisioning at a production company.

Ivelin has extensive experience in manufacturing and software in various companies. He has worked on over 120 projects for implementation of integrated information systems for business management in dozens of production, distribution and trade enterprises.

He graduated from the Technical University - Sofia with a Master Engineer degree in Techniques and technologies of textiles and clothing.

Over the past few years, Ivelin has been taking an active part in research projects "Innovative technology to assess the effectiveness of ERP systems in small and medium-sized enterprises" and "Production schedules and stock management in SMEs” of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

His interests include development, implementation and support of ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), BI (business intelligence) and other business software systems.