The ERP system “EnterpriseOne” to be studied in the University of National and World Economy

Fifty students inCommunications Economics and Managementare now able to take practical business decisions under the partnership programme initiated by Aloe Co OOD for cooperation with universities.

During the autumn semester of the academic 2010/2011, students inCommunications Economics and Managementat the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) were able, for the first time, to apply a real ERP  (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in their studies. Over fifty four-year students are already working with the EnterpriseOne system of the Bulgarian software company Aloe Co in their course in “Communications Marketing”. The product allows students to take practical business decisions during their courses in economics. This is of great significance due to the growing importance of ERP systems and their increasing deployment by Bulgarian companies.  The number of independent student sessions with EnterpriseOne will be increased in the future, and, after two semesters of training with the product, the Department of Information Technologies and Communications plans to test the level of skills acquired by the students.

The partnership between the UNWE and Aloe Co is part of a large-scale programme initiated by the software company for cooperation with educational institutions in the country, under which it has entered into successful partnership with three Bulgarian universities over the last three years. The Aloe Co team has not only provided UNWE with licences for the ERP system, but has also participated in building of the necessary infrastructure and implementation of the entire training curriculum. 

The benefits of such partnership are numerous – the students make their first contact with a real ERP system and are able to personally experience the efficiency of such systems in business management. Up to now, the practical sessions have included mainly work with accounting programmes and other limited-scope products, but the widespread introduction of ERP systems in several industry sectors increases the need for proper experience with such systems in the course of studies in economics. 

The partnership with Aloe Co allows students to study and apply these complex software programmes as part of their university training instead of stumbling into this field only after starting their careers. In this sense, the initiative is a time-saver for businesses as well, since future employees will be familiar with the work processes in the organization and will not require training taking several days or weeks. They will possess a much necessary background for subsequent introduction of new ERP systems in their companies, the most common factor for the failure of which is precisely the delayed adaptation and adoption of changes on behalf of employees. For UNWE, the partnership creates a competitive advantage, allowing the university to provide its students with enhanced training for real work environments. Another advantage is that students will learn to identify a real ERP system and will not be mislead by products which are in fact accounting and warehouse management tools but tend to assume the title of ERP systems.

“The effect of such training is huge; given the fact that we live in an information society, business management programme products are developing at great speeds while our students have no practical experience and are unable to operate such systems. The real ERP system provided by Aloe Co and the serious efforts made by Natalia Futekova to adapt the solution for the needs of our students will allow them to respond much better in the real business environment and to obtain the best practical preparation in Bulgaria. In this connection, I would like to express my gratitude to Aloe Co for their cooperation,” says Assoc. Prof. Eng. Ivan Breshkov, who lectures on the subject.

In his opinion, the dynamics in the development of the information society provoke rapid changes in business management systems and these will be able to provide a more comprehensive picture of the processes taking place in companies, including forecasts for their future development. “This means that in the future, companies and teams which are not sufficiently prepared for this aspect of business process organization will risk falling out of the market wagon, while individual employees lacking ERP-related skills will not be able to compete on the labour market,” adds Assoc. Prof. Eng. Ivan Breshkov.

More about EnterpriseOne

EnterpriseOne is one of the first Bulgarian ERP business management systems. The system covers the management of all business processes in the enterprise – from sales and marketing, through manufacture, warehouse management and procurement, to accounting and financial reporting. EnterpriseOne Small Business Edition is developed in response to the needs of small or medium enterprises and operates on a free SQL Server 2008 – Express or Workgroup edition. With its functionalities, the system successfully competes not only with other Bulgarian products of the same class, but also with the solutions offered by large foreign developers, adding powerful analytical tools to the automation of business processes. EnterpriseOne features a unified database, common rules and procedures, functional comprehensiveness of process, flexible response to changes and information interaction between all experts in the company.

More about Aloe Co

Aloe Co is one of the first Bulgarian developers of business management systems with over 16 years of experience in the field of developing, introducing and maintaining such products. The company has specific experience and completed projects in the food, textile, printing and hardware industry, construction and building materials, commerce, real estate, insurance, hotel management, film production, transport and advertising. Aloe co employs fifteen highly qualified experts, including deployment teams, technical maintenance teams, hotline and online support. More information on the company and the products and services offered can be found at http://erp.bg/.