API interface for EnterpriseONE ERP

Aloe Co introduces an Application Programming Interface (API) for its ERP system EnterpriseOne

The interface will allow the companies which have deployed the system to accomplish much smoother integration with e-stores, IP PBX and numerous other business applications

The Bulgarian software company Aloe Co has developed an Application Programming Interface for its ERP system EnterpriseOne. API allows external software developers to create new applications in a much easier and simplified fashion thus eliminating the requirement for an in-depth study of the different layers of the operational system or other software system for which the respective interface is developed. This approach has recently gained popularity with the development of external applications for the most popular mobile operational systems and social networks which has significantly enriched these platforms. In the field of business software, the development of interfaces for external developers is not as widespread, but it is nevertheless expected to assist for their accelerated development and enhancement with additional functions.

By creating an API environment for our ERP system we have increased its value. The new interface is absolutely free and allows all our clients who have introduced EnterpriseOne to integrate it with software solutions developed by third parties. I expect that this will facilitate connection of our system to the information products existing in those companies, will contribute to its more adequate application and will, ultimately, increase the efficiency of the teams who apply it,” says Ivan Arjentinski, Aloe Co manager.

As an additional advantage for its clients, Aloe Co has entered into partnership with Methodia, a company which will be recommended as integrator of EnterpriseOne with other software applications and as an external developer for all of them.

The new API interface includes the software libraries of EnterpriseOne as well as very comprehensive documentation. It is especially suitable for integration of the ERP system with online stores, CRM systems, production automation solutions, different industrial systems, access control systems, security systems, etc. It also allows companies who wish to connect their company websites to their ERP system to draw different data and indicators from those sites. The interface is also suitable for integration of ERP with IP PBX and different VoIP applications.

More about EnterpriseOne

EnterpriseOne is one of the first Bulgarian ERP business management systems. The system covers the management of all business processes in the enterprise – from sales and marketing, through manufacture, warehouse management and procurement, to accounting and financial reporting. EnterpriseOne Small Business Edition is developed in response to the needs of small or medium enterprises and operates on a free SQL Server 2008 – Express or Workgroup edition. With its functionalities, the system successfully competes not only with other Bulgarian products of the same class, but also with the solutions offered by large foreign developers, adding powerful analytical tools to the automation of business processes. EnterpriseOne features a unified database, common rules and procedures, functional comprehensiveness of process, flexible response to changes and information interaction between all experts in the company

More about Aloe Co

Aloe Co is one of the first Bulgarian developers of business management systems with over 16 years of experience in the field of developing, introducing and maintaining such products. The company has specific experience and has completed projects in the food, textile, printing and hardware industry, construction and building materials, commerce, real estate, insurance, hotel management, film production, transport and advertising. Aloe Co employs fifteen highly qualified experts, including deployment teams, technical maintenance teams, hotline and online support. More information on the company and the products and services offered can be found at http://erp.bg

More about Methodia

Methodia is an American software company with a Bulgarian office since 2008. It deals mainly in automation and optimization of business processes, including business analyses, auditing and consultations, and in the integration of different software solutions. Among its activities are also IT design, management, development and maintenance; development of IT systems and applications for end users or of own products; integration of industrial applications with ERP, CRM, HRM, BI systems, etc. Further information on the company and the services offered can be found at http://www.methodia.com.