Academy of Economics – Svishtov and ERP.BG will jointly counteract youth unemployment

The two organizations have signed a partnership to update students' training in accordance with the specific business needs


Sofia, Bulgaria­ ­­The Bulgarian software company ERP.BG and D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov, have signed a memorandum of partnership. The two organizations have joined forces in order to update the students' skills and knowledge in accordance with the needs of the labour market for new professionals. The launched initiative aims to uncover new career development opportunities and perspectives for young people to overcome the trend of rising youth unemployment.

 ERP.BG and uni-svishtov

"The Academy of Economics – Svishtov is one of the most dynamic and respected educational and research institutions in the field of economics in the country. We are bound by a shared belief that under the current conditions of dynamically changing business realities the theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to create sufficiently motivated and capable labour force. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in some of the most innovative areas of business and I am convinced that it can add value to the training of young people. We hope that together we will contribute to overcoming the problems which we recognize as our own – the lack of adequately qualified personnel and the need for recognition of the Bulgarian software companies in the international market", said Natalia Futekova, managing partner at ERP.BG and university lecturer.

 ERP.BG and uni-svishtovERP.BG and uni-svishtov

The partnership between the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics and ERP.BG will open new courses and introduce seminars, participations in master classes, counselling and other educational initiatives. The first lecture on ERP technology was held on April 9th and aroused great interest among the students at the Academy of Svishov. The partnership is implemented under the project "New Knowledge and Skills for Successful Career Development of the Students at D. А. Tsenov – Svishtov”, financed by the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development 2007-2013”.



About ERP.BG


ERP.BG is one of the pioneers in business management software systems in Bulgaria. The company has over 19 years of experience in development, implementation and post-implementation maintenance of such systems, specializing in sectors like wholesale, retail, printing industry, food processing, apparel industry, construction and building materials, transportation and advertising. The company employs more than 25 highly qualified specialists, and maintains teams for implementation and technical support – on telephone hotline or online.


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