Act Soft is the new partner of ERP.BG

Both companies will develop a new ERP solution for logistics parks and transportation industry.


Bulgarian software company ERP.BG announced a partnership with the longtime technology company Act Soft. We remind you that ERP.BG develops national partnership program in three directions – for adopters and dealers of its ERP and CRM solutions as well as third-party developers of applications EnterpriseOne®. Today the company already has several dozen partners from different Bulgarian cities and in many economic sectors.


The new partner who has extensive experience in the field of integrated business management systems, will work with ERP.BG in all three directions. In 1992 Act Soft becomes the first distributor of Microsoft in Bulgaria, and in 2000 began offering the company's enterprise business solutions. Today the team of ACT Soft has expertise in all areas of business software, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence) and is in partnership with some of the largest worldwide software vendors.


„After 8 years of membership in the European Union, if Bulgarian companies want to be competitive, owners and managers must have realized that the use of ERP system is as mandatory as the availability of Office package. ERP is not just a software solution – it’s a way of business thinking, planning and management, mode of communication, business culture transparency for customers, partners and the market” – said Lilia Radeva, Manager of Act Soft.


Act Soft has its own team for implementation of business software, that provides and implements the business solutions of ERP.BG. Moreover, the company will develop applications to EnterpriseOne ERP system of ERP.BG.


The two companies plan to develop and complete vertical solution for managing logistics parks and transportation service companies (intelligent system for planning and resource management for intermodal and multimodal transport), which will be based on EnterpriseOne ERP and on the created by Act Soft own system for transport companies. The main goal of the both companies is to respond to the need of a comprehensive management system for transport companies, as well as the objectives of the European programme “Marco Polo” to reduce the volume of road transport of goods by road infrastructure of EU members (countries) and create a greener and sustainable transport environment. In this context, the new system will optimize the transport companies, assisting them in selecting the optimized and most appropriate (environmental) type services.


“We liked EnterpriseOne ERP as an ideology of the software. This is a modern mobile ERP system. What impressed us was the module Unified Communications and that is fully SaaS - based "- also said Lilia Radeva.


"Act Soft is one of the most recognizable companies in the Bulgarian software market, which over the years has established itself as a local partner of many established global software vendors. The inclusion of ERP.BG in the company's portfolio is a recognition of the achievements of our team in recent years and is indicative of the success of our national partnership program "- said Natalia Futekova, Managing Partner of ERP.BG."


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