ERP.BG supported "Innovators in Education" ranking

For the third consecutive year took place ranking "Innovators in Education", which aims to direct public attention to the individuals with the greatest contribution to the introduction of new teaching methods and technological solutions that change our ideas about education, creating new opportunities to absorb knowledge and make learning more accessible to more people.

Evgenia Peeva, founder of "Teach" won first place in this year's third edition of the ranking "Innovators in Education". The second position is for Svetlin Nakov, founder of the Software University and the third position is for Telerik Academy. The ranking is drawn up each year by a jury including representatives from education, technology industry and journalists, and initiator is the educational portal Uchi.bg.

"The purpose of ranking" Innovators in Education "is to draw public attention to the dozens of initiatives and organizations who daily bring positive change in the educational environment in Bulgaria, most often without support from the state and by its own efforts. Many of them are doing really great things, and slowly but surely changing our society. This ranking is certainly subjective and difficult to determine which organization deserves the first place. More importantly, I think is using it to initiate wider public discussion about the dynamic changes in our education and the growing interest in the ranking shows that we are on the right track "- said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova, founder of ERP Academy and Chairman of the jury of the "Innovators in education".

This year's edition was attended by a total of 45 individuals, organizations and initiatives. The whole chart is available at novatori.uchi.bg. The award ceremony of the winners was held on the 13th December at the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF).

General sponsor of this year's ranking "Innovators in Education" is the software company ERP.BG, and partners are Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF), ERP Academy, Business Software Cluster, Economy magazine, Business Lady magazine, Offnews.bg, Chronicle.bg, Webcafe.bg, Kaldata.com, Pixelmedia.bg, Smartage.bg, Insmarket.bg, Projectmedia.bg, NewBusiness.bg, Teenews.eu, Espressonews.bg.

Photos: Victoria Sirakova for HIGHLIFE


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