Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova talks about trends in ERP systems in "Business Line" on TV "Europe"

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova was a special guest in "Business Line" on TV "Europe" where she spoke about the development of ERP systems in Bulgaria, professionals and ranking "Innovators in Education".


"I accepted as my personal mission to unite business and education and I think I have a success. I have 10 years of experience in a State University and I saw how our best students wanted to go to study abroad. Bulgaria has a very large scope for development and we must think about how to motivate people to stay here, our best minds shouldn’t leave the country. Gradually I began to invite in my classes people from the business in an attempt to bring education to more realistically reality that awaits students after university. I am glad that such initiatives and individuals are becoming more in our country, "said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova.

Business management systems are among the hottest trends in the software industry. Today, the business is looking for people who understand and use innovative technologies to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of their company. Achievement of strategic business goals is almost impossible without widespread use of information technology, as they provide the environment for conducting business today.

"Companies are willing to implement ERP, Bulgarian management thinking changed significantly. These systems are more or less taught in the universities and are designed to help businesses and bring efficiency. Systems are now available for small and medium-sized enterprises even for micro, simply because they help the business. In recent years, everything is web based, companies want to put their business somewhere in the cloud, easy to manage. "said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova.

In the show Natalia Futekova who is a managing partner of ERP.BG and founder of ERP Academy spoke more about softwares offered on the Bulgarian market.

"There are quality ERP systems designed for the market here - our product is Bulgarian, and we are 100% Bulgarian company. Bulgarian softwares are not worse than the west ones, they have been very targeted to our market. Western softwares are not localized enough for Bulgaria and for our legislation large companies that use them have to use other Bulgarian software to manage their accounting and reporting. "

This year the first students of ERP systems in Bulgaria have graduated. Master's program "Business Analysis and ERP Systems" is the first of its kind, which prepares highly sought after and valued business software consultants. With this program students accomplish not as programmers, but as specialists in implementation, sales and support of high class business management solutions - jobs that are becoming more popular worldwide.

The program is with economic orientation, but focuses on how information technology help strengthen the modern enterprises who seek to achieve their strategic priorities through the use

"Higher School of Insurance and Finance proved to be an innovative University of Bulgaria. They do a lot of joint masters programs and so last year was born the idea to make a specialty that is targeted focused on ERP systems to be able to form such specialists in the country . This is an extremely economic specialty that is not directed at programmers. Much of our industry are precisely those business consultants. There is an interest to the program and the results are satisfactory - some people who have shown good results during the training found jobs in our companies, others who were project managers in other companies and still had to choose ERP systems successfully made their choice, all managed to make many valuable contacts with business. "

The area is very interesting and comprehensive. Business consultants who implement software should understand very well the business processes that occur in a company and to acquire the ability to implement these processes in the ERP system so that it can be most efficient and optimized for the particular enterprise.

"Our specialty is different in that we want to give a full view of those systems. BI, CRM, BPM are studied in this program and students see all systems. This is not branded course with only one system, it includes really all systems that are on the Bulgarian market. We have the ambition to transform the program in MBA specialization in all legislative requirements, because in practice it is such, and when we have the specialty in English, we can have it fully out and open the market for it. "said more Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova.

Record of the broadcast can be found HERE.


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