Natalia Futekova: Development prospects in front of the management business systems rich niche

What are the trends in the world of high technology - business management systems or so called ERP systems discussed with the managing partner of ERP.BG Natalia Futekova in the studio Investbook with leading Velko Kamenov.


"In recent years there is a boom in technology. The market is increasingly open to IT solutions, because they really optimize the business, save costs and generally, companies are much more competitive. In recent years, debunked the myth that ERP systems are designed only for large corporations. The systems are much more affordable for small companies. Definitely, there is a boom of such software solutions to our market in the last 2-3 years, "summarizes Futekova.

ERP systems are commonly used in the manufacturing sector, as rare companies in the area have not applied a similar software solution in their practice yet, reported she.

The main problem facing the industry is the shortage of staff and lack of understanding by the management of a number of companies on the need for the use of "cloud" technologies. "A lot of managers are worried by the fact that their data will be uploaded to the cloud. We will try to do educational events aimed at business, experts need to talk about it, so that executives can be prepared on the topic ", she presents her plans.

Detailed comment on the subject of the implementation of ERP solutions in business, innovations in the field, and what are the prospects for cooperation with public and private educational institutions sector see in the video at this address.


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