ERP.BG awards Hackathon 2017 winners – Burgas

In March, a three-day event for people interested in the field of software development, design, information technology and innovative products was held in Burgas. The initiative aims to bring programmers, designers and entrepreneurs together to offer a concept of software and to start working on its development.


The theme of the hackathon supported by ERP.BG is "Creating software applications environment of Burgas" and the ambition of the organizers of the event was to promote the application of modern technologies in everyday life and life in the city.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natalia Foutekova - managing partner ERP.BG awarded two prizes at the hackathon to Angel Zheliazkov of GreenTeam team for the youngest participant and Team Pheonix idea with a healthy effect.


The hackathon had a vital contribution to the development of the IT community in Burgas. Additional anticipated effects are forming teams of people who supplement each other with knowledge and skills, and continue work on their projects after the event.


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