ERP for small business

An affordable ERP solution for small enterprises


The mission of ERP.BG is to make the advantages of ERP solutions affordable for large, medium and small enterprises.
Implementing an ERP system at any small company is critical for its future progress. At the same time, however, these firms rarely have the resources for a project like that, and they often need to reinvest what make right away. On top of that, the ERP solutions of large foreign vendors are not agile enough to meet the specific needs of a small organization.


Small companies usually have a small number of employees in charge of a lot of different tasks and processes, as well as many different orders but for small quantities. Simultaneously, they might achieve relatively big annual revenue increases.

Sooner or later, a company like that more and more tanglibly begins to feel the need for a fully integrated information system for their small business, so that their tradespeople, office assistants, managers and accountants can work in a single environment. This is a system that must be extremely flexible and allow "merger and division" of the quantities of each stage of order execution, which actually reflects one of the  main advantages of small firms – flexibility.

With all this in mind, we have created a fully functional high-end ERP system, which meets the specific needs of these companies.
It offers: 

  • great agility and adhesion to the specifics of the business of the client;
  • merger and division of quantities and sums;
  • an affordable price.


In its core, EnterpriseOne is a high-class ERP system which thoroughly monitors every step of order execusion. At the same time, it allows „transit” of almost all intermediate stages. For example, a placed client order could trigger the following documents: shipment order; warehouse discharge order; warehouse receipt; a dispatching document; billing order; invoice; payment request; and payment.


If your business grows, probably the separate stages will be gradually covered by different employees, and our system very easily supports such changes through simple work model modifications.

The benefits of EnterpriseOne® ERP are even greater with small production companies.

EnterpriseOne® is optimized for small-series, custom manufacturing. Users can manage very efficiently the production part of the solution via the powerful and convenient project configurator, the graphic-interactive production schedules, the automated provision functions, etc.




EnterpriseOne® allows „merger and division” of quantities and sums at every stage of executing an order, accepting a delivery, etc.


„Merger and division” means that at every stage it is possible execute a part of what was set in the previous step or execute at once several tasks of the previous stage.


To make it more clear, here are some examples:


  • one client order may be dispatched multiple times, but it is also possible to ship multiple orders simultaneously with a single expedition;
  • one order can be invoiced in several parts, but it is also possible that one invoice includes parts of several orders;
  • a supply of goods may arrive in several parts, but it is also possible to receive at once the goods of several orders.

The „merger and division” principle is enshrined throughout the whole system and allows tremendous flexibility and accuracy in describing the actual processes.


This feature does not interfere with the ability of EnterpriseOne® to provide full traceability of each unit of goods. For example, although one order can be sent in several parts which can then be cmbined in several summary invoices, the system “knows“ and can show at any time which invoiced piece corresponds to which order.