ERP for Mid-sized and large company

EnterpriseOne® for mid-sized and large companies

EnterpriseOne® is targeted at mid-sized or large companies from all industries. It provides the entire functionality of the ERP system and can be used to manage up to 5 subsidiaries in a single data base.

EnterpriseOne® suscessfully optimizes the management of mid-sized and large companies, increases teams' efficiency and gives managers a full-frame look at the status of the enterprise in real time.

The ERP system offers a number of advantages for companies with geographically spread office and distribution networks, many manufacturing facilities, as well as international chains.

With EnterpriseOne®, a company can also visualize its business model through a graphic editor in order to facilitate decision making.

The system offers the following specific advantages for large companies:

  • integration and data syncing across all departments;
  • definitions of user roles and relations; 
  • business process management;
  • business model visualization; 
  • consistency of business processes;
  • document management; 
  • control over workflow sequences.


EnterpriseOne® does not only cover sales, logistic and manufacturing processes, it also allows you to make a plan to execute every following detail in your business and monitors the level of completion.

EnterpriseOne® includes the following instruments for small and medium enterprises:

  • a security system that works on a general function level and also supports detailed access rules for every type of document, warehouse, pay desk, etc.;
  • a system for archiving and tracing every document and its old versions;
  • a system for monitoring and control of user actions.