EnterpriseOne Online

EnterpriseOne® Online starter packs



99 EUR/month

3 PACK CRM is a starter package for service providers, as well as all other companies that want to optimize their customer relationships.

The package includes a Unified Communications module and is optimized for touch screens, which turns it into a mobile office where all information and communication services are in the cloud. This way, employees can use smartphones or tablets at any moment to see their new tasks or changes in the status of current tasks, as well as to register sales and place invoices while still at the client.

5 PACK Logistics

199 EUR/month

5 PACK Logistics is a starter kit for companies dealing with distribution and trade. The solution addresses the core business processes of companies in this sector, such as the integration of CRM with the logistics modules of the system, the integrated management of business communications, and mobile access to company resources.

As the system is optimized for mobile devices, it gives salespeople quick and convenient access to information about customers and products, as well as prices and discounts for specific customers. Information on available products is available at any time, and discharging goods from the warehouse can become much easier and faster.

In addition, 5 PACK Logistics can optimize delivery routes and inventories.

7 PACK Project Management

299 EUR/month

7 PACK Project Management is a software system for construction and engineering companies, as well as service providers that work actively with clients and manage projects of different scale and complexity.

The solution includes a Basic Project Management package which can give access to all the information on a project, summarized in one screen. The project map can reveal related activities, their timing and dependencies, and the necessary materials and resources for timely completion of all tasks.

7 PACK Project Management is also integrated with modules CRM and Unified Communications of EnterpriseOne. This ensures all aspects of communication with customers and suppliers. You can easily relate all potential sales, projects or opportunities to a client or a prospect, and track their entire cycle. To them, you can easily associate phone calls, meetings, sent offers, and orders, as well as put people in charge. There is also a company calendar that can facilitate the planning of resources, people and materials for various projects.

The solution is fully optimized for tablets and smartphones. Wherever your employees are, they will easily be able to access information about projects, receive tasks and be notified of changes.

All this makes 7 PACK Project Management a complete mobile office that can totally change the way small teams work and significantly increase their efficiency.