EnterpriseOne® ERP in distribution and wholesale


EnterpriseOne® unifies in a single solution the whole functionality needed in the distribution sector and makes managing your company much easier. The system is fully optimized for touch-screen interfaces and can be used on various mobile devices.


Multi-channel order management

EnterpriseOne® comes readily integrated with multi-channel support for distribution companies that also have retail or multichannel operations. The system can capture orders from multiple channels, such as:

  • wholesale order requests
  • e-commerce
  • point of sale (POS) for brick-and-mortar retails
  • field sales
  • electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • other external systems. 


The sales process is conducted faster and more easily, no matter where your customers or sales agents are. EnterpriseOne® provides each multi-channel sales agent with a real-time view of inventory, order status and customers' entire purchase history - discounts, loyalty programs and payments, etc. This way the sales staff can provide you customers a more accurate and timely service, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. All the sales data is in one place and managers can analyze sales across all sales channels to make smart business decisions.

Better communication with retailers

EnterpriseOne® lets you easily keep track of contracted products with retailers and maintain distribution channels – both for your own purposes and for these of clients and suppliers. You can define product groups and distribution channels, as well as price lists with specific conditions. This allows you to quickly and easily prepare product sales reports by channels. This information is also present in each customer journal, so salespeople will have a quick answer to the question: “How does each client buy from us usually?

Inventory management and delivery process optimization


The Logistics module of EnterpriseOne® provides powerful tools for optimal supply chain planning and route optimization, so distribution companies can achieve a sustainable reduction in transportation costs and delivery time. In addition, inventory management is also much more efficient. Information on stock holds is available at any time. The ERP solution enables the sales team to receive much more up-to-date information about the stocks in the warehouses and to give better answers to customers’ inquiries. Checking out goods from you warehouses can become much easier and faster with EnterpriseOne®.

Flexible pricing

EnterpriseOne® is a powerful tool for promotions, which allows you to offer discounts and other incentives to your clients. You can offer discounts by products, clients, periods, quantities, etc. You can negotiate different prices with each customer, according to the history of your relationship or other factors taken into account by the sales team.

The EnterpriseOne® Pricing module gives you the ability to maintain multiple price lists per product. With the system, you can process multiple price lists simultaneously for many products. There is an option to set types of acquisition costs and margins. The module allows percentage formation of new price lists based on the standard cost of the product plus the percentage of the desired margin.

Billing and payment management

The EnterpriseOne® Sales module is completely integrated with the Finance module of the system.


The process of invoicing and accounting is fully automated. The system charges any additional amounts/fees (VAT, transportation delivery tax, etc.) to the invoice. EnterpriseOne® also enables automated accounting of multiple invoices. Summarized invoices for several deliveries can be easily issued, as well as pro forma invoices.

The system automatically controls each client's credit limit and facilitates the approval process of exceeding credit limits.

Managing payments and arrears is also much easier with EnterpriseOne®. The system issues unpaid sum reports by arrear type and provides various tools to analyze and manage receivables and payables. Many of the processes are automated, including accounting based on predefined templates.

Integrated Business Intelligence

The system also includes integrated Business Intelligence tools which can analyze specific financial indicators and track sales trends. The BI module facilitates managers in their decision making process regarding the assortment and pricing policy of the company, so they can timely respond to market trends and customer demand.

Management of sales teams

The Distribution module helps you define the entire organizational structure of the sales department. It completely covers sales management and control functions to improve sales force performance. EnterpriseOne® allows you to set goals for your sales team, define the right sales KPIs (key performance indicators) and monitor them.


CRM VoIP integration

One of the biggest advantages of EnterpriseOne® is a completely integrated CRM module, which has a powerful call center functionality and allows you to organize marketing campaigns and offer more effective services to existing customers. EnterpriseOne® can collect and organize all phone calls. The phone exchange is connected to the system and allows for quick access to customer Journals when customers call. Sales agents may trace customers' previous orders and the current status of their payments. They can quickly and easily access data about the frequently purchased products by every customer, which ensures faster services.