EnterpriseOne® ERP in manufacturing

ERP for production

  • Manufacturing flexibility

  • Workload control

  • Supply planning

  • Inventory optimization

  • Reduced lead time

  • Better communication with customers and suppliers

  • Sales mobility


Nowadays, modern manufacturing enterprises need something more than a standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Companies need a flexible business solution that can support an agile and lean supply chain and maintain versatile production capacity. A solution that will increase their ability to respond quickly to fluctuations in demand volume and improve productivity and profitability. The ERP solution ought to be mobile, available via the web and on different kinds of mobile devices, and completely integrated with the communications system of the company. It should also be reliable, secure and capable of managing a network of geographically separated production facilities and trade offices. In addition, the ERP system must also have powerful business intelligence functionalities enabling real-time visibility into manufacturing operations data.

ERP.BG has a long experience in implementing ERP systems in manufacturing companies. We are confident in offering such companies a completely optimized system which meets all their requirements – from manufacturing and workflow, through distribution, customer and supplier relationship management, to finance and accounting.

EnterpriseOne® is a complete ERP solution for managing companies or a group of companies. The system is based on the latest technologies for working in the cloud. It helps companies reduce costs for servers, maintenance and personnel, while increasing the security and reliability of information.

EnterpriseOne® can be modified according to the specific needs, business structure and scale of an enterprise. An individual document flow is made for each specific business process, describing the activities in it.


ERP.BG has gained specific experience and expertise by working on projects in the food industry, the textile industry, cosmetics, polygraphy and other manufacturing areas. The system is suitable for any type of manufacturing enterprises.


Scope of the ERP solution

EnterpriseOne® ERP provides a full range of tools and capabilities for the management and control of different manufacturing processes.

Make to Order (MTO) – enterprises operating make-to-order manufacturing can easily organize their manufacturing processes in EnterpriseOne® ERP. When production is in line with customer demand, the system starts automated processes in supplying, production planning and execution after receiving customer orders.

Make to Stock (MTS) – the most common method of production in the recent past, MTS needs a system that can incorporate accurate market development and demand forecasts. EnterpriseOne® allows you to set sales forecasts that help automated production planning and supply.

Make to Assemble & Assemble to Order – this method of production is common mainly in the hardware industry. With EnterpriseOne®, this type of manufacturing companies can benefit from good traceability, product serialization, batch handling and interchangeability.

Engineering to Order (ETO) – a variation of MTO, ETO requires a much more flexible managing software system. EnterpriseOne® ERP provides the necessary tools for feature-based product modelling, so that manufacturers can customize products according to clients' needs.


Solution capabilities

Quick response

An important feature of the system is the Product configurator, which is a unique tool particularly useful in Engineering to Order (ETO) and Make to Order (MTO). With its help, enterprises can easily:

  • create and evaluate new products and categories with any level of complexity
  • respond to market fluctuations within days
  • quickly configure complex offers and execute orders with 100% accuracy.

Product Configurator

The Product configurator allows manufacturing companies to completely meet customer requirements, receiving in advance detailed information regarding product
price, functionality and delivery time. The configuration of product parameters is quick and simple, and various graphical schemes, statistics and history could be added to each product. For repeated series, the ERP system easily allows partial changes of specifications and technological recipes. With EnterpriseOne you can have an automated production plan and the right technology and quantity of raw materials for your custom-made products.


Material supply planning


The MRP (Material Requirements Planning) module provides the necessary products and materials at the right time and the right place. The ERP system monitors the smooth running of the logistics process in the company based on receipts, technologies, customer orders, orders to suppliers, stocks, sales projections, etc. In case of shortage of raw materials or semimanufactured or finished goods, the system alerts the relevant staff and suggests supply.
Supply order
The MRP module has the following advantages:

  • better inventory planning and scheduling
  • reduces inventory level
  • prevents the risk of a material shortage
  • supports management decisions, providing explanations for planned quantities.

Production planning and scheduling

The CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning) module turns the difficult tasks of production planning and updating into a very easy and accessible activity.

With EnterpriseOne® CRP, you can create a production schedule that complies with the spare production capacity and the necessary materials to ensure smooth and timely production.

Capacity Requirement Planning


The following data is defined in the CRP module:

  • types of resources and their functional characteristicsmanufacturing routes
  • standard operations, resources and duration
  • working groups, working hours and resource availability

The CRP module can be used to define working groups, processes, functions, etc. Capacity and load reports reflect the actual load of the working groups and machines in the enterprise.


EnterpriseOne ERP - skladovo stopanstvo

Warehouse management

EnterpriseOne® makes warehouse management much easier and effective, and also optimizes inventory
and storage. The system manages the status of material stocks according to planned and confirmed client orders. The shipping process is completely automated and follows to the established rules and arrangements with your customers. Information on inventory movement is consolidated and available in real time.


In EnterpriseOne®, warehouse management is completely integrated with the manufacturing process. The system covers all warehouse activities and operations – from inventory management to good movement tracking. Batch management prevents excess, reducing long-term maintenance and storage costs, as well as the financial resources "locked" in the form of goods and materials in stock. Inventory needs are directly extracted from sales orders. Thus, the sales team can get up-to-date information regarding stock availability and respond to customer demand much better.


Lead time reduction

The integrated CRM module improves communication between sales, supply and production departments. EnterpriseOne can schedule a production plan according to the manufacturing process type in the enterprise (based on the planned and confirmed customer orders or on the demand forecast). The ERP system automatically generates the corresponding tasks to the production team, minimizing manufacturing lead time and improving delivery performance. This collaboration between the CRM module and the other components of EnterpriseOne enhances customer satisfaction and can potentially increase sales.


Finished products reports

With EnterpriseOne®, you can create detailed reports on work done. The system enables the preparation of documents related to production process management. Also, it can generates detailed reports on finished goods, describing material used, operations and machines involved in the production chain.


Special Features


Mobilty in manufacturing


Employees equipped with tablets or other mobile devices can track the entire relevant information about a project or the entire production chain, monitor certain tasks, check the completion level of a production process or the manufactured components for a given period, as well as see real-time statistical process management analyses. Managers can monitor the condition of machinery and workforce at any time.

ERP at multi-monitor display

Multi-display interface

EnterpriseOne® provides an easy and intuitive way to visualize dynamic data distributed across multiple displays. This function mainly favors dispatchers, planners, foremen, team leaders and any other roles that need to dynamically track large volumes of diverse information.